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    Cool Curtis Axel and Dean Ambrose Are Bringing Prestige Back to the Secondary Titles

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    Most of the WWE’s recent intercontinental champions have done virtually nothing to restore the prestige of that title. Ditto for the United States champions.
    Despite those titles recently being around the waists of once-promising stars like The Miz, Antonio Cesaro, KofiKingston and Wade Barrett, all of them were booked so poorly that they nearly destroyed the prestige of both midcard titles in the process.
    After what the U.S. and intercontinental championships have been through over the past few years, it’s going to be incredibly difficult for those titles to matter as much as they should, at least anytime soon.
    But thanks to Curtis Axel and Dean Ambrose, the WWE is already in the process of bringing the prestige back to two of the most storied titles in the history of the business.
    Granted, neither Axel nor Ambrose is setting the world on fire with his championship reign. But what’s important here is progress, and that’s exactly what those two are making right now, especially when you compare them to the men who held the titles before them.
    Before Axel won the belt at Payback, the previous two intercontinental champions were Barrett (twice) and The Miz.
    As anyone who has watched WWE TV at all in recent months can tell you, Barrett’s two title reigns were among the absolute worst IC title reigns ever. Barrett lost so many non-title matches during both of his reigns that he somehow managed to become a jobber to the stars despite holding what has historically been one of the WWE’s top prizes.
    The Miz’s reign was probably even worse, though. It lasted all of one day after he won it at WrestleMania 29 and then dropped it the next night on Raw.
    His title reign was a total disgrace—just like the reigns of the two men who held the U.S. title before Ambrose did, Kofi Kingston and Antonio Cesaro.

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    Of course they do



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