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    Default Craziest rumor I have heard about myself : Aamir Ali

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    We brings to you the ‘Wednesday Rumor Column’ on actor’s reactions towards the craziest rumor they have heard about themselves…

    Rumors in television industry are nothing new to all. Our Telly town celebs have become used to facing rumors. On Wednesday, we dedicate our column to the celebrities who have faced some of the craziest rumors at some point in their life.

    Today we have with us the very charming Aamir Ali Malik, who is currently seen in Jhilmil Sitaaron Ka Angan Hoga on Sahara One.Like many other celebs, Aamir has also been surrounded by rumous many times. Here's Aamir Ali Malik sharing the craziest rumor he has heard about himself…

    In converstaion with us, Aamir shares with us, "I remember there was a rumor about Sanjeeda Shaikh and me that we broke up, whereas on the very same day we were happily traveling together. As soon as the rumor spread, I started receiving calls from our my family and relatives across the globe asking the reason behind it. People who were not in touch for so long were randomly calling me and asking for reasons. We even had people calling and crying, who got upset after hearing the rumor about our break-up. All of them were telling us that we were such a sweet couple, you can't do this. More than us others seemed to be concerned."

    "If the person behind spreading the rumor will ever come in front of me, then I would give his/her number to all those people who had called us. The rest they will take care of. (Laughs)."

    Aamir also went on say, "I would advice all the celebrities in this profession who have to face rumors day by day that not to bother and get affected by such rumors. It is a part of our profession. Just laugh it off and let it go. I remember I had laughed it off but Sanji got upset about people talking over us."

    That's the spirit Aamir!



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