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    Default 'Connected...' will bring fans closer to me: Malishka Mendonca

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    RJ Malishka Mendonca, who is one of the participants on "Connected Hum Tum", said the show will bring her fans more close to her as they will get to know more about her.

    "I have been a radio jockey for eight years and have developed a tremendous following. My fans want to know a lot more about the real me. This show will do that and bring them even closer to me," said Malishka.

    About "Connected Hum Tum", Malishka said: "Zee TV came to me with the show as they wanted to focus on a woman, who is a successful media person with her own share of worries and problems to overcome.
    "Since it is a self-broadcasting show where the format requires us to shoot our life and share the footage with the channel, I thought they would be more focussed on my professional life with the mad buzz of jockeying and the stars that flit in and out of my life daily.

    "But they wanted me to record more of my personal life and share my thoughts and feelings as candidly and intimately as possible," she added.

    Malishka decided to go ahead with the show as a gift to her fans.



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