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    Default Chidiyaghar is a relaxing experience for Debina!

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    Debina shares her shooting experience as Mayuri in SAB TV’s Chidiyaghar…

    Beautiful actress Debina Bonnerjee Choudhary, who plays Mayuri in SAB TV's popular comic show Chidiya Ghar, has won the hearts of her fans by portraying Mayuri perfectly. Debina enjoys being a part of the show and playing a comic character, says Debina as she shares her shooting experience with Chidiya Ghar.

    Talking about it Debina says, "It's a very relaxing experience shooting with Chidiya Ghar. I don't have to think much, concentrate much and carry a baggage. I just come on the sets, read my lines and I am ready. It's been my best experience so far in my acting career."

    Debina has got to learn a lot from her co-star Paresh Ganatra who plays Ghotak in the show and she says, "Paresh is superb. His comic timing, his action and reaction, everything is superb. I have got to learn a lot from him but there is no limit to learn; I am always open for learning."

    The loving wife talks about Gurmeet Choudhary, "I love watching FIR, as Gurmeet used to watch it.

    Now, Gurmeet even loves watching Chidiya Ghar. He watches the show and gives his valuable judgment to me (laughs). He gives me compliments like 'Tumhara yeh dress bahut achcha lagta hai,' 'Tum bahut achchi lag rahi ho ismein,' 'Tumhara gardan hilana bahut achcha lagta hai,' concludes a smiling Debina.



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