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    Default It is very challenging to play a double role- Shridhar Watsar

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    Television’s tiny man Shridhar Watsar who you had previously seen in Krishnaben Khakhrawala is now playing a double role on SAB TV’s Baal Veer (Optimystix). He plays two polar opposite characters Dooba Dooba and Tauba Tauba in the show.

    The former character is a chirpy and positive character who lives in Parilok and cheerfully greets everyone with ‘khush raho’ and attends to and escorts Rani Pari to wherever she goes. The latter character stays in Bhayankarlok and is negative and cunning.

    Shridhar told us, “It is very challenging to play a double role. At times I had to play both the characters on the same day. Initially I would find it tough to switch from one role to another. I have got used to it now.”

    Which character does he find it greater fun to play? “I like playing Tauba Tauba more as he has a distinct body language and a peculiar tone of voice.”

    Baal Veer has increased the actor’s popularity. “Kids recognise me fondly. As big ears are fixed on to me in the show they take a while to place me though. They feel that Tauba Tauba is a cute villain.”

    During leisure hours, Shridhar watches both English and Hindi movies and reads. We wish this talented actor all the best in his career ahead.



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