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    Default Cast and crew of Khoobsurat shoot for their final "happy ending" sequence

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    Like all good things come to an end, so has Sony Entertainment Television’s Dil Ki Nazar Se…Khoobsurat (Shashi Sumeet Mittal Productions Pvt Ltd). Yes, the cast and crew shot for its last (climax) episode yesterday which will telecast this Friday (19 July 2013).
    The show, that was tentatively based on the fairy tale Beauty and the Beast, could not garner good TRPs from the very beginning though it had an interesting tale to relate. The poor response to the show, which recently completed 100 episodes, forced the channel to pull the plug off it.
    The last episode will see a happy ending wherein the beautiful Aaradhya (Soumya Seth) will get married to Shekhar (Sachin Shroff) to give her son Ehsaas (Eklavya Ahir) a better future and to fill both their empty lives with a friendly companionship. The entire cast will be present to give their blessings to this couple. Later, curtains will be drawn.

    Soumya Seth, who repeatedly emphasized that she was happy for the experience she got through the show rather than being upset about its closure, said, “We had a great time shooting for the happy ending sequence. Even though I wasn’t supposed to dance on screen, but when the camera wasn’t rolling I just danced to oblivion. We bid a warm farewell to each other amidst tears in our eyes knowing that we were meeting for the last time. Overall, the experience with Khoobsurat had been awesome and I am really positive that something good will come my way soon.”

    Added, the good looking actor Abhishek Malik, who re-entered the show to be a part of the last sequence as Rahul, “It had been a wonderful experience and the entire team shared a really great bond. Even when we were partying after the pack up, everyone had tears in their eyes. I will definitely miss each and every cast member.”

    Mitali Nag, who played Prerna and tread the same path as Abhishek, told us, “It was definitely a good experience coming back and most importantly we had an awesome time performing for the dance sequence. Since I love dancing, it was really fun shaking a leg or two. I was telling everyone that if one road ends, another will soon open out. The only thing is that we just have to be positive.”

    Fans of Khoobsurat will definitely miss the show….and we wish the entire team the very best for all their future endeavours.



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