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    Default Bye-bye Petrol... Cycling my way to work- Rakesh Paul

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    Rakesh Paul who is currently seen in Sahara One’s Jhilmil Sitaaron Ka Aangan Hoga (Rajshri Productions), ‘wants to ride his bicycle, wants to ride his bike (courtesy: Bicycle Race- a single by the English rock band Queen).’

    He recently updated his Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp Messenger status as, “Bye-bye Petrol... Cycling my way to work... Im doin my bit... Are u...? (sic).” He had also uploaded a photograph of himself, perched atop an eco-friendly cycle and waving his hand (check above). A bicycle is a pollution free vehicle, good for mental and physical health and saves the money spent on fuel.

    It is good that the actor has an environmentalist streak in him and is striving to conserve fuel.

    Though petrol is preferred globally yet the downside is that the supply of petrol is depleting and may run out some day, its price is shooting up as it’s getting scarce, it pollutes the environment and wars and international disputes have risen out of disputes on it.

    We contacted him enquiring if he really cycles his way to work on a regular basis? He replied with honesty and a touch of humour via sms, “If I shoot closeby…Bt nt whn I’m shooting at Saakinaka…Thn I’d need a Boat… (sic).”

    Our guess is that in that case, he will choose human powered boats like canoes, kayaks, gondolas and boats propelled by poles like a punt to sail though the water-logged Saki Naka in the monsoons (he he). Way to go Rakesh!!!



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