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    Cool Brad Maddox Needs to Become an Active Wrestler Soon

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    Brad Maddox is sputtering as Vickie Guerrero's assistant, and WWE would be wise to transition him to the ring.
    His current role is a waste of his talents. He's given very little time to talk and no opportunity to showcase his athletic skill. In Maddox, WWE has a young, promising wrestler who can be far more than an onscreen lackey.
    On Monday's WWE Raw, Maddox stood next to Vickie as Jerry Lawler revealed the cover for the upcoming WWE 2K14 video game. Maddox's contribution was a single joke where he put himself on the cover of the game in between John Cena and CM Punk.

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    Yeah, he should be an in-ring superstar in WWE, because he has all the skills...



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