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    Default Ashley Lobo gifts 'Ritesh Deshmukh' to MJ5

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    Instead of giving a rating, Ashley gifted the MJ5 group the biggest star present - Ritesh Deshmukh.

    It is a known fact that MJ5 are one of the best contestants from the pedigree of IDS. This wee was one of the toughest for all the IDS contestants as they had to put up two performances bringing their versatility without losing their original touch.

    This week as the first performer on stage, the ever popular MJ5 prepared a special number on Tan Tana tan from Judwaa astonishing all three judges and audiences alike. So when the time came for the judges to rate their performance, Ashley was totally dumbfounded. Instead of giving them a rating he awarded the biggest star present at the show 'Ritesh Deshmukh'.

    'The only thing I can give you after this act is the biggest star available to me right now; it's my honor to give you Ritesh Deshmukh' quipped Ashley. Ritesh being the spirited self took the complement and went on to carry out one of the trick performed by MJ5.



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