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    Even as Ankit Gera pampers himself after the hectic shooting schedule of recreated location of Goa for a honeymoon sequence for his show Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke, he says his love for Goa will never wane!

    It's time to chill and relax for actor Ankit Gera who plays Mayank in Zee TV's popular show Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke. The team recently shot the honeymoon sequence of Mayank and Gunjan. Goa was recreated at different shooting locations of Mumbai.

    The entire cast and crew had a hectic shooting schedule which ran for around 20 days. Speaking on the same, Ankit told us that, "We used to face difficulties while we were shooting for the Goa sequence. We all used to shoot outdoors and sometimes we used to face difficulties during rains. We were shooting at different locations and we had to shift from one location to the other in less time. We all used to shoot like crazy. I almost turned black while shooting."

    Ankit further added, "The shoot has now come to an end and now I have taken a leave today. I am pampering myself and going to a spa. It was fun shooting for the sequence. We used to shoot at the beach side and enjoy a lot. It was like a relaxing moment for everyone to shoot at the beach side."

    Ankit is very fond of Goa and he visits the place every 2 months by taking an off for 2-3 days from his work. Speaking on the same, Ankit told us, "The first thing that I do when I visit Goa, is to hire a Bullet for myself to roam around. I am aware of each and every place of Goa. Whenever I get bored of shooting, I refresh myself by making a visit there. I find Goa very interesting as we meet different kinds of people who come across from all over the world. I love the sea food, water sports and the beaches of Goa."

    Talking about his shooting experience on the sets recreated as Goa in Mumbai, he said, "I enjoyed the feel of Goa in Mumbai while shooting for the sequence. I go to Goa to relax but here I couldn't relax because I had to shoot."

    "Last time I visited Goa was in May and now I am looking forward to visit the beautiful place again in the end of this month," concludes Ankit.



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