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    Default Amitabh Bachchan is an awesome actor who can do both comedy and serious films - Rajendra Gupta

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    Rajendra Gupta, who plays Kesari Narayan in SAB TVís Chidiya Ghar (Garima Productions), avers to be quite loving as his reel character but denies to be harsh and get out of control unlike him. After all Kesari being like a lion in real life, it is quite expected that he will act unbridled at times.

    In real life, Rajendra is fascinated by the way a lion behaves, especially if observed closely and minutely. ďLions are wild animals. You cannot observe them minutely if they are not in a national park, circus or a zoo as they arenít like pet animals like dogs and cats which you can keep at home. It is enchanting to watch them from a nearby distance. In fact it is interesting to watch all animals in careful detail, even the monkeys which visit our sets are very interesting.Ē

    We then asked him who his favourite comedians were. He replied, ďRather than having favourite comedians, I have favourite actors. For instance Amitabh Bachchan is an awesome actor who can do both comedy and serious films. Whereas there are certain actors, who can only do comic roles and are inept at doing other kinds of roles. Take a look at Pankaj Kapoor who can slip into any kind of a role with ease instead of just confining himself to comedy.Ē

    Rajendra is a talented theatre artiste too. Does he think that theatre training makes a better TV actor? ďWell, theatre workshops are very intensive which enable you to be a better actor. Such rigorous training isnít possible in TV and films. Nevertheless there are actors who havenít taken theatre training but are good actors just by mere self-teaching.Ē

    We wish this veteran actor all the best in whatever he does.



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