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    Default I am okay playing a gay charcter on screen: Indresh Malik

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    Indresh Malik aka Bittoji gets candid with us and shares his professional life.

    Indresh Malik fondly known as Bittoj who is his chief RK's (Vivian Dsena) secretary is a popular name in the industry. He has earlier played a baddie in 12/24 Karol Bagh, and is entertaining with his good and positive roles in Madubala- Ek Ishq Ek Junoon.

    In conversation with us he talks about his role in Madhubala and more...

    Tell us something about your role in Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon?
    I Play Bittoji, secretary to chief RK that is Vivian Dsena, Bitto is a very positive character and he loves his chief a lot. I was earlier briefed by the creatives that I will be a grey character who will be a superstar's secretary and he will be at times sultry and kind of rude, who favors the casting couch, but then when the shoot began, it started with a very positive note. People started liking my character to the core, and the grayish negative character was shunned out.

    Are you happy with the way your role is shaping up?
    To be honest, it's become quite stagnant as I am now tired of running behind chief. I feel that the role should now move forward and focus onto Bittu's life as well. The story of Bittu is still the same, and he can have various shades to it. I remember there were certain scenes wherein Bittu used to guide or shout at chief, those episodes would have good TRP's, so I hope Bittu's character shapes up in a proper manner.

    What roles are you being offered?
    To be honest I am thankful that I am being offered diverse roles from all walks and genres. It has never been stereotypical roles for me, as even after Karol Bagh, I bagged the role of Bitooji. It's strange I am offered many kinds of roles which I thought people would not like me doing it.

    What kind of roles do you want to portray?
    I would want to portray all kinds of roles right from Gay character to a very cheap guy to a very smart businessman. I don't mind playing any character as I know I will never be offered a lead role as a good looking hunk, since I am not good looking lead material.

    Do you think industry takes in good looking males as lead?
    Yes, definitely the industry and the audience have a stereotype mindset wherein they have an image of a good looking actor as a lead who should be tall, fair, good looking. I am a character actor.

    How is your relationship with your chief aka Vivian DSena in real life?
    It's amazing! We fight like cats and dogs and also have healthy arguments like buddies. Its fun to shoot with him.

    What are your future plans?
    I have no plans, wherever my destiny takes me, I will follow it. As of now my focus in on Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon.



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