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    Default "I am making the most of my free time" Jia Mustafa

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    The actress who has got free time from her shoot of Pavitra Rishta is enjoying the season to the hilt.

    Its monsoon time, and just like all of us who love the season so do our actors. Jia Mustafa who is seen in Pavitra Rishta on Zee Tv as Pooni the antagonist is enjoying rains like any other person as she is not shooting these days.

    In conversation with us, Jia spoke about issues related to personal and professional life.

    She said, "I am not shooting these days as I am waiting for my track to come back so in the meantime I am just enjoying the baarish with my friends. My days revolve around having ghar ka khana, coffee with friends, hang out, masti and dhamaal. I am making the most of my break as for us actors you never know when I will be called for work."

    Talking about her monsoon fun Jia tells us, "These days me and Shruti Kanwar hang out a lot as we both don't shoot much. I am also planning to go to Lonavala with my friends for a long drive."

    Lastly talking about what kind of roles she is looking out for in the future she said, "The roles I want to do these days are usually the positive ones, as well as comedy. I have done enough of negative and I don't want to get stereotyped at all. I know this show has given me immense popularity but I am getting stereotyped now so I want to try something new."

    Well Jia enjoy the monsoon till it lasts!



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