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    Default I am a very adventurous guy: Shaleen Malhotra

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    Shaleen Malhotra, the very popular Arjun, shares more about his professional and personal life in this exclusive chat with us…

    Shaleen Malhotra, the daring handsome cop of television who started off his Television journey as a Roadies participant, is now popular as Arjun in Four Lions' popular crime thriller show of the same name on Star Plus.

    Describing himself as a fun and adventurous guy, Shaleen talks about what difference Arjun has made to his life

    Tell us something about yourself?
    I am a 25 year old guy who is born and brought in Delhi. I am a very adventurous, humorous, fun to be with, restless, energetic, dedicated, honest and a lazy guy.

    How was your experience in Roadies?
    I have got a lot of exposure from the show Roadies. I faced camera for the first time through this show so it was little difficult for me to speak in front of so many people. My camera fear was gone because of Roadies. Exposure, limelight and the confidence that 'I can do it and I am capable enough to do it' happened due to this show.

    Why did you choose to play the role of Arjun?
    I found the character of Arjun appealing. It's basically every man's dream to play a character like that. The character is aggressive, action packed, full of thrill and romance. All the aspects have been added into one character. It's a very different character that I have never seen on television ever before. Playing this kind of a character was a challenge and this challenge is what attracted me to play this character. I think any actor would die to do the character of Arjun .

    How did you prepare for this role?
    I have seen a lot of cop movies to watch the different types of body languages that the cops carry. I took training in martial arts and did some acting workshops too.

    In what ways do you relate yourself to Arjun?
    Arjun is very dedicated, honest, passionate and serious in his work. The loyalty, the passion, the hard work and the dedication of Arjun is in me.

    You have done so many action and stunts for Arjun. Which one was the toughest to do?
    The toughest one to do for me is to jump over the moving car and that too without using a harness. It was a one take shot and I was unaware about the speed of the moving car. The trick of doing a car stunt is to jump at the high end rather than jumping in front of the car.

    Tell us about how the overall experience of playing Arjun has been?
    Arjun has changed me as an actor. I am more confident now. It's been a very enjoyable journey and a very learning experience for me. I get to know about the various aspects of camera like its position and lighting.

    How has Arjun changed your life?
    From being a nobody in the industry to being known as Arjun is how it has changed my life. My journey started from Roadies to bagging the lead in a show. It's more of people's perception that has changed and I have come in the eyes of the people. They recognize and appreciate me and it's more important for an actor to get this. The confidence level has increased so much and I have become more disciplined.

    What kind of bonding do you share with your team ETF off-screen?
    The entire team is very co-operative and nice to work with. If ever asked to work with any team it will be this one for me. It was my first show and I tried to learn a lot from people around me. I spend a lot of time with them. Shree, Chotu and every actor has their own way of working and we learn from each other. We all share a wonderful rapport.

    Any fondest memory on the sets of Arjun that you would like to share with us?
    Every day is like a day with a fondest memory with them. The trip to Jaipur and Goa which happened last year for our shoot has been the fondest memory of all to cherish.

    What's your fitness mantra?
    Eat right, sleep right, drink right and exercise.

    If you are offered a saas bahu saga in the future, would you take it up?
    I am open to lot of roles. If I am offered such a role and it is a very strong character and a nice role then I will go ahead with it.

    What about reality shows?
    I would prefer hosting reality shows rather than being a participant in it.

    Do you dream of Bollywood?
    Of course! For every actor, Bollywood is the ultimate dream.

    Having such an immense fan following, what would you like to say to the fans about their love for you?
    It's unbelievable and it's hard for any person to express their feeling of receiving lots of love from the audience. I would request them to continue with the love and appreciations so that I can continue doing justice to my work.



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