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    Default "Acting happened to me co-incidentely"

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    says Ankita Sharma, who plays the role of Nimrit in Amrit Manthan...

    The talented Ankita Sharma who is seen playing the role of Nimrit in Rajan Shahi's popular daily soap Amrit Manthan on Life OK, shares about her journey so far, her future plans and much more.
    Lets have a look on what she said...

    How is it being a part of Amrit Manthan?
    It feels good being a part of this show. This show has given me a chance to play so many characters all in one. It has been a very enjoyable journey so far and I hope it continues to be the same ahead too.

    How did you get the role of Nimrit?
    It was all a co-incidence. I went to Rajan Shahi's Director Kuts production house to give the audition for his telefilm which was coming up and I got selected for Amrit Manthan. From there started the journey of Nimrit.

    How is it working with the co-actors and the production house?
    It is a complete package out here, a very supportive and helpful team. A hardworking day ends comes to an end and we don't even realize it.

    The person who you are very close on the sets?
    I love kids and I am the most close to my kids in the show. They are too adorable and I love being around them so also my father-in-law in the show, I treat him as my brother in real life. He is a very caring and understanding human being I have come across.

    Any memories related to this show which you will never forget?
    This show will be a memory for me forever and especially the different shades of my character that I have played in this show. I have enjoyed every part of it.

    Recently you had played the role of a mentally challenged girl, so how difficult was it?
    It was a very challenging role for me. It was one of the roles which I always wanted to play and luckily it came my way and I got the opportunity. When I first got the role I was very nervous and was thinking on whether will I be able to do justice to this role, but time passed and I performed it well. My father who has been a critic in my life appreciated this role and I thought that I have done it well.

    Any other role you would want to play?
    I want to play a role through which I will be remembered. When anybody is referring about that particular character than they should say this was a role which was played by Ankita Sharma before. I want a strong role like the one of Vidya Balan in Dirty Picture. It is challenging to play such characters.

    How did acting happen to you?
    Well even acting was a co-incidence in my life. I went with my friend for her audition and the person who was taking the audition told me to give an audition too. I thought of trying it and luckily I got selected. I was a theater actor before getting into this industry. I did a film in the very start named 'Ala Udhal' and then I started getting television shows.

    If you would not be an actor you would be?
    I would definitely be a Choreographer. Before I started with acting I wanted to be a dancer as it is my only passion. Now also I keep practicing dance and learn more in it.

    If you get any offer for a dance reality show, would you grab it?
    Yes, I would be more than happy to take the offer which has not come my way so far (laughs). I just love the dance reality show Jhalak Dikhla Jaa - Dancing with the stars. I have watched all the seasons and also am following the current season. If I miss out on watching the show on the weekend, than I watch it on the You-Tube but don't miss out on any episodes.

    From the shows that you have done so far, which was the most loved one?
    My very first show Baat Humari Paaki Hai, is the show that I loved the most and is very close to me. I was very much attached to the show and in a way still I am not only because it was my first show but the co-actors and the production house was amazing. It was a great experience for me and unforgettable too.

    Ankita Sharma in one sentence?
    I am like a book of which each page is interesting and when you read it you will surely enjoy it.

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    Thank you for sharing your nice experience with us. You are doing best job making the serial popular. Amrit Manthan is one of my favorite shows on Life Ok. Waiting for good episodes ahead!
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