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    Default I will never accept the role of a rapist - Angad Hasija

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    Last night on Life OK’s Amrit Manthan (Director’s Kut Productions) you saw Nimrit’s (Ankita Sharma) husband Karan (Angad Hasija) deserting his wife at a sordid bar. We called up Angad to hear his views on the mysterious and complex husband that he plays. He replied, “He isn’t negative. He is a positive character with grey shades. He will turn over a new leaf in two to three episodes.”

    He added that Karan is being so cruel to Nimrit to take revenge on her. “He will get to know soon that his wife is innocent. So he will not continue to torture or mistreat her. That was the reason behind compelling her to wear a western dress in last night’s episode which was followed up by the incident at the bar.”

    We then asked him a fun question. If he had to meet Karan in a squalid bar like the one shown on his show last night, what would he have advised him over a few glasses of drinks? He laughed, “I would try my best to explain to him, not to go on torturing Nimrit. He should strive to find out the truth instead of making his wife’s life miserable for no fault of hers whatsoever.”

    Nimrit underwent a hellish experience at the bar. She did turn up at her husband’s doorstep with fiery wrath, but she didn’t go to the police. Why? Angad replied in good humour, “That is because if she did so, Karan wouldn’t spare her family members and kids.”

    Looking forward into his career, the actor says that he will not like to go on playing negative or seemingly negative characters in succession, as he has already done roles like that in two of his previous shows - Phulwa and now Amrit Manthan.

    He is open to doing a wide array of roles though. Which role would he surely turn down though? He concluded the interview with a laugh, “I will never accept the role of a rapist.”



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