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    Default *~* dR Laughter Challenge *~* By dR Admire - GRAND FINALE Round (Judging Thread)

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    Hello to All dR members! How are u all? Hope u are all fine!

    So its time to decide who will become "king of laughter!!" As mention in the title it is judging thread (mainly for judges) in this thread i post the joke i got from contestants with their name, the only thing judges have to do is to give score to each joke!!

    For info and topics of this round view this thread : CLICK HERE

    This time scoring is different, the scoring of jokes is according to this way for this round

    1st joke which is completed by participants has 30 scores it means judges can give maximum 30 for this joke

    2nd Joke on Increasing Reality Shows On Television!! has 15 scores!!

    3rd Joke on Latest Scientific Invention!! has 15 scores!!

    4th Joke on Usage of mobile phone!! has 15 scores!!

    5th Joke on War of fame between two Bollywood celebrities!! has 15 scores!!

    6th Joke is free hand, participant can sent me on any topic they want has 10 scores!!

    Means Total 100 Scores so lets see who will get maximum this time!

    List of participant's name i will PM to my judges so only thing judges have to do is to write the score of each contestant against their name in the list which i PM to my all three judges!!

    So here are the jokes:

    Lucas2321's Joke:

    1st Joke:

    1st Friend: Now-a-days every television show juggling on the race of TRPs!

    2nd Friend: I totally disagree

    1st Friend: and why is that?

    2nd Friend: Because TV's weren't invented yet....

    1st Friend: oh right... i keep forgetting we live in 1742

    2nd Joke:

    1st Person : i think they should increase the amount of Reality TV shows
    2nd Person : i completely agree with you
    *people watching them on TV*
    1st person : do you think they know they are being filmed?
    2nd person : they don't have a clue...

    3rd Joke:

    A man was going back home after finishing work, he bought a chocolate bar and put it in his pocket, then he went home and took a deep sleep, the temprature was 100 Degrees outside, so he woke up and found his pants brown, he stood up, took his shirt off, and with pride and honor he screamed, I HAVE DISCOVERED HOW TO CRAP!

    4th Joke:

    Customer Care Executives (CCE) get all sorts of calls, some with genuine problems and some with no problem at all. There was this caller called David, who was paged by "Lucille." He was instructed that he would have to call her and tell her to stop paging him. "She never leaves any number, so I can't call her back," David said.
    After sometime the CCE asked how he knew it was Lucille if she didn't leave a number. "She leaves her name," was the reply from David.
    After establishing that the customer had a numeric-only pager, the CCE asked "How does she spell her name?"
    "L-O-W C-E-L-L" was the reply from David

    5th Joke:

    He Said About 5th Joke: ( I Couldn't think of any bollywood celebrities, since i don't know what bollywood is, so i just wrote about hollywood )

    I know some of you guys might not understand this joke because you don't understand the actors, i will explain them, Selena Gomez was Justin Bieber's girlfriend, everyone considered Justin a girl, Taylor always breaks up with guys and writes songs about it.

    Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift are both singers and their albums are selling fast, here is a conversation they had a couple of days ago

    Selena : i am a way better singer than you
    Taylor : No, you're not, i am a better singer and i have a better life
    Selena : oh really, how so?
    Taylor : I Have a great house
    Selena : So do i
    Taylor : I Have a lot of dresses and shoes
    Selena : so what? i also have those
    Taylor : well at least i have a BOY FRIEND
    Selena : i might not have a boy friend, but at least i am not so garbage i break up with a guy once a week...

    Then the cat fight begins and they both die. The End..

    6th Joke:

    Three guys, stranded on a desert island, find a magic lantern containing a genie, who grants them each one wish. The first guy wishes he was off the island and back home. The second guy wishes the same. The third guy says "I’m lonely. I wish my friends were back here."

    ∂Я Єяαмιт's Joke:

    1st Joke:

    1st Friend: Now-a-days every television show juggling on the race of TRPs!

    2nd Friend: To usme tera kya jata hai????

    1st Friend: Mera to ku6 nahi magar..

    2nd Friend: Magar kya??

    1st Friend: Uske Karan mai CID nahi dekh pata

    2nd Joke:

    Effect of Reality shows:

    Bache Ne Apna Result Btaya..

    Papa Ney Sirf itna Kha..
    BiGG BOSS Chahten Hain Ki Aap Ghar Se Bhar Nikal Jayen…..

    3rd Joke:

    Most Deadly Combination Ever !
    Internet Explorer + BSNL Internet+ IRCTC

    4th Joke:

    Pappu makes a call from Delhi 2 his wife
    . . .
    Servant picked up d phone.
    Pappu : Memsab se baat karao !
    Servant: Woh to sahab k sath kamre me so rahi hai.
    Pappu : Par sahab to main hu.
    servant: Ab main kya karu?
    Pappu: Maar de dono ko, main hold karta hu..
    After killing....
    servant: Dead body ka kya karu ?
    Pappu: Ghar k piche swimming pool mein phenk kr bhaag ja.
    Servant: Par ghar k piche to swimming pool hai hi nahi.
    Pappu: Oh sorry, wrong number..

    5th Joke:

    Salman Fans:

    What do we learn from movies
    like Ra.One and Om
    Shanti Om ???
    It always takes two Shahrukh
    Khan's to kill one Arjun Rampal!!!

    Shahrukh Fans:

    Demotion of Salman Khan

    2009- Wanted=IPS
    2010- Dabang=Inspector
    2011- BodyGuard

    Upcoming Films-
    2012- SecurityGuard
    2013- WatchMan
    2014- Postman

    6th Joke:

    Girl:"Ye Jo Samne Ladka Betha
    Hai, iska Naam KyaHai
    Girl:"Yeh Mujhe 1 GhanteSe
    Pareshan Kar Raha Hain..
    Waiter:"Magar Wo To Apki
    Taraf Dekh Bhi Nahi Raha Hai..
    Girl:"Yahi To Pareshanii
    Hai... :@
    Moral:"Duniya Shareefon
    KoJeenay Nahi Deti.

    Nepali Keta's Joke:

    1st Joke:

    1st Friend: Now-a-days every television show juggling on the race of TRPs!

    2nd Friend: Yes and people dont watch "G" rated shows anymore.

    1st Friend: Of course, why will they? even I dont, now a days "R" rated shows come at 7 pm in Star Plus, its called "enjoy with night queen".

    2nd Friend: Awesome, I am going to watch that show tonight

    1st Friend: But you dont know who the night queen is Its your wife from Africa

    2nd Joke:

    A dude said to his friend: these days the reality shows are increasing on television.
    His friend: What kind of relality shows are you talking about? there are 2 kinds I know
    The dude: And they are?
    His friend: Like X Factor, you dont want to know the other one but it starts with X too

    3rd Joke:

    Three guys, an office guy, a mechanic, and a black guy, are sitting at a bus stop discussing the greatest invention ever.

    The mechanic says, "That's easy; the automobile. It opened up society and changed our way of life. Offshoots such as the truck changed distribution, the development of cities, rural areas, and suburbs."

    Office guy says, "No, it was the telephone. It revolutionized communications, made anyone accessible to anyone else, anywhere in the world."

    Black guy says, "You guys are both wrong. It's the thermos."

    They both looked at him and said "Let's hear it."

    He said "Well when you put something hot in there it stays hot right?"

    Other guys, "Yeh"

    Then he said "And when you put something cold in there it stays cold right?"

    Other guys, "Yeh, it's a thermos."

    The black guy said, "Yeh but how do it know?"

    4th Joke:

    Nepali Keta: I m in bed
    IO: with whom
    Nepali Keta: With my iPhone
    IO: how could you with your iPhone, yuck

    5th Joke:

    Once upon a time Vidya Balan and Shahid Kapoor were fighting among saying who is better at poetry, so shahid kapoor said I am better and started first:

    Shahid Kapoor: Aap hume bhool jaye hume koi gham nahi, aap hume bhool jaye hume koi gham nahi,
    lekin jis din humne aap ko bhola diya, samajli jiyega is duniya mein hum nahi.
    Vidya saying wah wah and then she says:
    Vidya Balan: Suna hai tum zadoo wadoo jagate ho, fans ke dilo mein aag waag lagate ho,
    per mera to dil tut gaya ye sun ker, ki tum Shahid Kapoor detergent mein nahate ho.....

    6th Joke:

    A baby skunk was born and didnt know what animal he was
    baby skunk goes to the horse "what am i?"
    horse to skunk " i dont know"
    baby skunk goes to a duck "what am i?"
    Duck to skunk "i dont know"
    baby skunk goes to wizard " what am i?"
    wizard to duck " well lets see, your not black, your not smell like $*it...SO YOUR A MEXICAN!

    Insideout Shoots's Joke:

    1st Joke:

    st Friend: Now-a-days every television show juggling on the race of TRPs!

    2nd Friend: TRP? What is that Teleport reporting ?

    1st Friend: No you idiot, its Television Raiting Point. What the heck is teleport reporting?

    2nd Friend: Teleporting is is the transfer of matter from one point to another. And on tv they teleport the shows on many houses so Teleport reporting.

    1st Friend: Sometimes I wish i could teleport myself away from you.

    2nd Joke:

    Obama and Osama are dead and talking to each other in Hell

    Obama : Hey Osama why you became terrorist?

    Osama ; I had a dream that one day i will be a part of a realty show

    Obama : Why the hell you need to be a terrorist to be part of a reality show?

    Osama : Watch Jersy Shore and see Snooki and tell me if normal civilized people get to be on reality show.

    Obama : You have a point

    Osama : But why you became Us President

    Obama : For helping people...... (silent) Who am i kidding , i had the same dream as yours.

    3rd Joke:

    2 Friends make a challenge to each other that they will make a big scientific invention in 1 month

    One month later.......

    1st Friend : What you made?

    2nd Friend : I made this device by which we can know 1 month before rain comes that when will it come.

    1st Friend : Its nice but nothing compared to mine invention.

    2nd Friend : Really, What you made?

    1st Friend : I made a new device that can tell if your girlfriend is flirting with someone on facebook.

    2nd Friend ; What the hell.. Thats not possible

    1st Friend : Really then what is this message on my phone fb from your girlfriend which says "Hey You are cute."

    4th Joke:

    Pappu sat on his phone whole day when results came he got 0.

    Pappu's Dad : idiot, you failed again. Learn something from your neighbourhood girl she came first

    Pappu : Learn what dad whole day i kept on texting her the notes thats why I failed

    pappu's Dad : She learnt from your texts but you couldn't learn while sending them.

    Pappu : I knew all answers dad but there were no buttons on the answer sheet. How would I type them.

    5th Joke:

    Sarukh : I m the king of bollywood. You are nothing in front of me.

    salman : Salman I am the Dabangg of bollywood you cant even touch my stardum.

    Sarukh : Ok prove you are better than me?

    Salman : I can do 1000 push ups let me show you..

    1 hr later ..... he does pushups then stands up.

    Salman : Now your turn

    Sarukh : Ehhhhhhhhhh hummmmmmmm ahannnnnnnnnnnnnnnn. Push ups toh koi bhi kar sakta hai, Ye karkey dikhao

    Salman : Ehh...ehhh. Choro yaar aag bakra nahi khaya phir kabhi.

    6th Joke:

    Santa Singh decided to start a chicken farm so he bought a hundred chickens to begin with. A month later he returned to the dealer for another hundred chickens .

    because all of the first lot had died. A month later he was back at the dealer for another hundred chickens for the second lot had also died

    'But I think I know where I'm going wrong,' said Santa, 'I think I'm planting them too deep.'

    So its time for judges to judge these jokes and give scores in the list which I will give them through PRIVATE MESSAGE!! Then we will decide who will become The KING OF LAUGHTER! Results will posted as soon as i received judges decision

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    i horribly failed at this, i failed at every single joke in this, especially the bollywood one ;( good luck to others tho

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    Good Luck All

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    Best of Luck to all of you, and may the best one win!

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    Good luck all

    It's Clobberin Time

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    no offense but most of the jokes were lame
    Do you know Richard Cheese?

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    Good luck everyone
    dR Boss is back babyy

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    Cant wait for the results

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    for Results

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    Good luck to every participant
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