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    Cool - Deewana (1992) Original DvDRiP Ac3 Sub

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    Release Date
    June 25, 1992

    Action / Comedy / Crime / Romance

    Guddu Dhanoa
    Lalit Kapoor

    Raj Kanwar

    Star Cast
    Rishi Kapoor...... Ravi
    Divya Bharti...... Kajal
    Shahrukh Khan...... Raja Sahay
    Alok Nath
    Amrish Puri...... Ravi's uncle
    Mohnish Behl...... Narender (as Mohnish Behl)
    Sushma Seth...... Ravi's Mother
    Dilip Tahil...... Ramakant Sahay (Raja's father)
    Deven Verma...... Devdas Sabrangi
    Asha Sachdev...... Chandramukhi
    Mahendra...... (as Mahinder)
    Shehnaz Vahanvati
    Ankush Mohit

    Renowned singer Ravi (Rishi Kapoor) is the sole heir to Laxmi Devi's (Sushma Seth) fortune but he cares little for money. Ravi's step uncle Dhirendra Pratap (Amrish Puri) and his son Narendra (Mohnish Behl) have their eye on the property. Laxmi Devi wants her son to settle down but he has no interest in marriage till he meets Kajal (Divya Bharati).Unable to live apart, the lovers decide to get married and Ravi brings the bride home. Dhirendra Pratap and his son work out a devious plan. Narendra attacks Ravi with the intention of killing him and is believed by the family to have succeeded before losing his own life. Enraged, Dhirendra decides to get even by wiping out the entire family. The young widow and the mother are held prisoners. However, a family friend Munshi (Alok Nath) succeeds in foiling Dhirendra's plans and the trio escape to Bombay. Without her husband, Kajal no longer loves life. She barely exists, haunted by the memories of Ravi when Raja (Shah Rukh Khan), the spoilt son of a millionaire father, comes across her. For him, it's love at first sight. He revolts against his father and cajoles Ravi's mother into convincing Kajal to marry him. As per her mother-in-law's wish, Kajal reluctantly agrees. Raja showers her with love and fulfills her every whim and desire and gradually Kajal is drawn towards him inspite of wanting to hold on to the memories of her first husband. Just when their newlyweds lives seem to be falling in harmony, fate intervenes and Ravi, who unbeknownst to anyone had a miraculous escape, comes back into her life and Kajal is torn apart between her two husbands.





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