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    Default Urmi to face the stiff 'job hunting' challenge in Zee TV's Doli Armaanon Ki

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    The journey of Urmi (Neha Marda) towards leading an independent life has begun in Zee TVís Doli Armaanon Ki (Spellbound Productions). After getting to know of her husband Samratís (Mohit Malik) infidelity, Urmi has walked out of his house. Now even though with her parents, Urmi is time and again facing situations wherein the daughter of the house post marriage, is not welcome to stay in her parents family.

    Now, Urmi will face her next major hurdle as she will yet again be taunted by Asha (Sameeksha Sud) about staying at their place without any job. So soon Urmi will go on a search for a job. However, Samrat will see to it that she does not get a good job.

    A source states that Asha has been brainwashed by her mother. And the girl being dumb wants to irritate and trouble Urmi all the more hoping that Urmi would be forced to get back to her husband. With this good intention, Asha will taunt Urmi of eating for free at her parents place along with her son. This would prove as a catalyst for Urmi to seek a job. Also Urmi will go on to have few arguments with her father which will again force her to get a job for herself.

    When contacted, Sameeksha Sud aka Asha told us, ďSee, Ashaís character is not going negative. She has very good intentions, and wants Urmi to get back to her husband. However, she has been brainwashed by her mother in a negative way, and Asha being dumb is convinced with whatever her mother has been saying.Ē

    Will Urmi be successful in getting herself a job?

    Keep reading this space for answers.



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