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    Default Urmi to be called 'characterless' by her family members in Zee TV's Doli Armaanon Ki

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    The crazy lover-boy Manish, essayed by Chandan Kumar, has entered Urmiís (Neha Marda) life to create a mess in her personal life. Well, this is what is exactly happening in Zee TVís Doli Armaanon Ki (Spellbound Productions).

    Manish has joined the dance class, gotten close to Urmi, has even dropped a call at Urmiís place to talk to her, and has also gifted her with cute red roses. While all this has happened in quick succession, Urmi is left clueless as to what Manishís intentions are.

    In the episodes to come, the drama will hit a notch higher with Manish barging into Urmiís house to meet her. And the statements that Manish will put across to Urmi and her family members will leave everyone in complete dismay.

    A source states, ďAfter the tryst with the red roses in the dance class, Urmi will bunk her next class. Manish who will be upset at not meeting Urmi will immediately land at Urmiís place. He will instantaneously go around the house looking for Urmi, much to the shock of others present. On being questioned, the lad would have the guts to say that he has come to meet Urmi.Ē

    In the process, Samrat (Mohit Malik) will also get to know of Urmiís secret dance classes. He will immediately react by getting wild. Matters will get worse when Manish on further getting questioned, will say that he and Urmi love each other, and intend to marry in the near future.

    The source further states, ďWith the man opening up, the entire family will start yelling at Urmi for being characterless. However, Urmi will defend herself by saying that the man has been over her all the time, but she has never made any advances.Ē

    With Urmiís image tarnished, how will Samrat react to the situation? Can Urmi realize whatís happening around her?

    We tried contacting Neha Marda, but could not get through to her.

    Watch this drama unfold this week.



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