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    Default Trouble for Samrat as Urmi's proxy goofs up big time in Zee TV's Doli Armaanon Ki

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    We had recently written about Tauji (Anupam Shyam) bringing in Urmiís (Neha Marda) proxy in Zee TVís Doli Armaanon Ki (Spellbound Productions) to save Samrat (Mohit Malik) from humiliation in front of his foreign delegates. This situation cropped up with Urmi going to maayka for some urgent work.

    Well, we now hear that the whole idea of Tauji will turn topsy-turvy with Samrat eventually facing the wrath of his delegates.

    A source states, ďTauji will bring in a girl, who would actually be a prostitute, to play the part of Urmi in the house. Rookie actress Shreya Rajpoot will play wife to Samrat for a day in this drama. Trouble will crop up when Paro (the girl brought in as Urmi) will talk in a very peculiar tone to the delegates. Her pronunciations and bad cooking knowledge will embarrass Samrat all the more. Also, at home, the kids will get out of control, and Samratís mother will have a horrible time managing them in the absence of Urmi.Ē

    All these goof-ups and the embarrassment that Samrat will face before the delegates will end up in Samrat and the entire family realizing the importance of Urmi in the house.

    The source further states, ďAs a result of this, Samrat will for the first time admit that if Urmi would have been in the house, things would have gone as planned.Ē

    Does this mean that Tauji has succeeded in changing Samratís point of view towards Urmi?

    When contacted, Anupam Shyam asked us to call him later as he was busy shooting.

    Watch this space for more updates.



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