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    Default Samrat to plan a huge birthday surprise for Urmi in Zee TV's Doli Armaanon Ki

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    Zee TV's Doli Armaanon Ki (Spellbound Productions) is going through a happy phase wherein Samrat's (Mohit Malik) behavioral change towards Urmi (Neha Marda) has come as a pleasant surprise to the viewers.

    The man known for being a tyrant with a chauvinistic approach has suddenly mellowed down, and is trying all ways to please Urmi and make her happy.
    Surprisingly, Samrat has developed a liking for Urmi and has also understood her importance in his life.

    And in the episodes to come, Samrat will plan to give a huge surprise to Urmi.

    Yes, it's birthday time in Doli Aramanon Ki. Samrat will come to know of Urmi's birthday fast approaching and he will decide to organize a surprise party for her.

    A source states, "The best part will be that Samrat will plan this party at Urmi's parents place, by involving them too in the plan. He will initially talk it out to Urmi's parents, and will ask them to help him in planning a huge party. Urmi's parents will be taken aback to see this change in Samrat, and they will happily volunteer to help Samrat."

    On the day of Urmi's birthday, nobody at Samrat's place and even from Urmi's family will wish her. Urmi will try calling her mother and dadi so that they can wish her. But none of them would wish her, and this will make Urmi sad. On the same day, Samrat will have an appointment with his doctor for his leg. Urmi and Samrat will start to drive to the doctor's when Samrat will come up with some excuse and ask the driver to go to Urmi's parents place instead.

    On entering her maayka, Urmi will be in for a cute surprise with her entire family and of course, Samrat wishing her birthday in style.

    Our source further states, "On the occasion of Urmi's birthday, Samrat will in a very cute manner wish her, and make her realize that she is very important in his life. He will be very apologetic for his earlier unruly behaviour and will want to make amends by giving her a happy life in future. Seeing all this, Urmi will slowly start mellowing down and will also reciprocate her love for the man."

    Viewers will see some romantic and close moments between Samrat and Urmi, something that they have been craving to see.

    We tried contacting Mohit and Neha, but they remained unavailable.



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