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    Default Samrat to get back to his 'good old' flirtatious habit in Zee TV's Doli Armaanon Ki

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    Zee TVís Doli Armaanon Ki (Spellbound Productions) always keeps the viewers on tender hooks with its unpredictable twists in storytelling.

    The biggest twist in the tale in the last two weeks has been Samratís (Mohit Malik) change of behaviour towards his wife. Well, if this had come as a refreshing change to the audience, then you can now get back to see Samrat in his original and real avatar!!

    Yes, the man who always used to find solace in the arms of other girls will be seen tilting towards his old and unforgettable habit yet again, in tonightís episode (30 July).

    Recently, we reported about Amrit (Harsh Vashisht) being caught red-handed while trying to transfer money from Samratís (Mohit Malik) account to his account. Well, before he could get to the office to do so, Amrit would have had to find a way to send Samrat out of office citing some reason.

    Hence in tonightís episode, Amrit will be seen instigating Samrat about him not being interested anymore in spending time with girls in hotels, as he has gotten closer to his wife Urmi. Samrat would give a furious reaction to begin with, soon after which the big revelation will be seen by the audience.

    A source states that Samrat will immediately laugh out loud and tell Amrit that he has not at all changed and still loves the company of girls. However, when he was bed-ridden, he had to get company of a girl and hence chose to be sweet with his wife. Saying this, Samrat will ask Amrit to help him out as usual so that he could have a good time at some hotel with a girl. This way, Amrit will see to it that Samrat does not get to office.

    Now at the office, when Urmi would catch him red-handed, Amrit would first plead to her not to reveal this to Samrat. When the lady would not oblige, Amrit will try to play a game with her, saying that even Samrat is a cheat who fools his wife and spends time with other women. This will shock Urmi to no extent, but she will not believe Amrit at all.

    The source further adds, ďUrmi will be of an impression that Samrat can be rude, aggressive and adamant, but can never stray away from his wife, to look at other women. And this strong belief will prompt her not to believe Amritís words.Ē

    Will Urmi get to know of Samratís flirtatious nature? How will she react then?

    We tried contacting Mohit Malik and Harsh Vashisht, but did not get through to them.

    We hear that Amrit will try repeatedly to poison Urmiís mind about Samratís habit of sleeping with other women.

    Letís see if Samratís secret would get revealed in the near future.



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