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    Default Gaurav to get married in Zee TV's Doli Armaanon Ki unaware of his wife being uneducated

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    It’s ‘wedding time’ in Zee TV’s Doli Armaanon Ki (Spellbound Productions). Urmi’s (Neha Marda) brother Gaurav (Hemant Thatte) will soon be getting re-married after the disaster of his first marriage.

    And this time, Dadi (Amita Udgata) has made sure that she finds the perfect match for Gaurav, so that the girl coming in will stick to the rules of the house.

    As per the ongoing track, Dadi has found a girl in Asha (Samiksha Sud) for Gaurav. And she has been forcing Gaurav to marry her quickly. However, Dadi has been hiding a big fact, which is that Asha is an illiterate. Her thought process is that if the girl coming in is uneducated, it is easy to mould her and make her adhere to the family principles. However, Gaurav does not know of this fact and Dadi has been seeing to it that Gaurav does not get to know of this.

    However, there will be some drama before and soon after the marriage.

    A source states, “Gaurav who is being forced to immediately marry Asha will write a letter to his would-be-groom and will send it to her. However, Dadi will get to know of this, and will somehow avoid more confusion from happening.”

    This way, Gaurav and Asha will get married in a simple marriage held at a mandir. In the episodes to come, there will be some funny moments when Dadi will be shocked to see the new color of Asha.

    “During the gruhpravesh, Asha will be asked to kick the kalash inside the house and enter. However, the girl will kick the kalash so hard that it will travel in air and hit Dadi’s photo placed there,” adds our source.

    Also, on the first night, Gaurav will get to know of the truth that his wife is actually uneducated.

    Will this create a storm for Gaurav?

    When contacted, Hemant Thatte said, “Yes, it is true that Gaurav is being forced to marry in a hurry. Let’s see what happens now.”

    Watch this happening wedding in the show this week.



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