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    Default Finally Ishaan to lose his cool in Doli Armanon Ki

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    High intense drama to be seen on Doli Armanon Ki as Ishaan will lose his cool on Samrat. Read on to find out....

    In the latest happenings on Doli Armanon Ki, Samrat has been caught in his own plan and a strange person is blackmailing him. On the other hand Urmi and Ishaan (Vibhav Roy) are trying to bring Samrat's truth in front of Taani who blindly believe in Samrat.
    As per our source,"Now viewers will get to see that Samrat will again be in need of cash and thus he will decide to seek help from Anirudh. When Anirudha will question him about the same, Taani will intervene and will start accusing her father for doubting Samrat. Seeing this Ishaan will lose his cool and will blabber out everything thing about Samrat in front of Taani. He will also tell Taani about how Samrat (Mohit Malik) conspired to bring Urmi (Neha Marda) to his bed. Later Samrat and Ishaan will get into a physical fight.

    Will this incident be enough for Taani to hate Samrat?



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