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    Default I had to change a lot about myself to play Samrat in Doli Armaanon Ki - Mohit Malik

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    Mohit Malik who essays the self-centered Samrat Singh Rathore in Zee TV’s Doli Armaanon Ki is happy to have got this out-of-the-box role wherein he has got a range of emotions to play on, rather than essaying the very usual goody boy character.

    Says the actor who is part of this Spellbound Productions show, “It is very difficult to play Samrat, as I can never think like him. He is too egoistic, arrogant and full of himself. And to don this role, I had to in fact step into someone else’s shoes. I had to change a lot about myself to play Samrat.”

    Explaining further, Mohit avers, “Firstly, I had to get out of the Rehaan Charles image from my previous show Suvreen Guggal – Topper of the Year. To do so, I took a break and gave myself a reality check. During this period, I was simply myself. I travelled a lot and enjoyed life and lived the moment. And when I got back, I was ready to switch to my next character.”

    Talking about Samrat at length, he explains, “In the roles I have played so far, I have seen myself somewhere. But I am no way like Samrat in real life. So I made a conscious effort to change my hair-do, look, and even my smile. I have a very typical smile, which is tight-lipped. But with what Samrat is, he is a person who is fearless and there is nothing that stops him. So his smile had to be whole-hearted with his mouth open. In other words, I had to bring this change in me. And I had to change my hair-do and cut my long hair which I had as Rehaan Charles. Samrat is a perfectionist; so he had to look prim and proper. And I believe that it is very important for an actor to change his looks. Thankfully, I have hair that I can play with and modify as per the role I get. And the person likes to dress up as he loves to portray his up-market riches. Hence I have classy clothing in the show.”

    On the response he has bagged for the role of Samrat, he quips, “The response has been brilliant till now. People love it simply because it is different from what I have done before. The credit to creating such a different character goes to the entire creative team and channel. We are planning to make Samrat more interesting. The guy has a lot of range and colors to him. You never know when Samrat will smile, get moody, or turn rude. All I would say is that this is just the beginning.”

    On working with his co-actor Neha Marda, Mohit states, “She is a wonderful girl and a very talented actress. But above all, she is a great human being and this makes her different. I always like to be in the company of such actors, I am pleased to be on the show.”

    Mohit, may the shades of Samrat flourish and prosper.



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