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    Default I Never Said Yes (2012)

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    A woman is raped every ten minutes in the UK (British Crime Survey 2009/2010) and as a new campaign recognises the vulnerability of young people, BBC Three documentary I Never Said Yes (working title) explores why thousands of rapes still go unreported and conviction rates remain low.

    Presenter Pips Taylor meets young victims of rape who have experienced the legal system and tries to understand why the stereotype of a rapist being a stranger in a dark alley still persists when a rapist is more likely to be someone you know.

    For 26-year-old Pips, who narrowly escaped a violent assault as a teenager, it’s time for a bigger conversation about rape. She explores some of the myths and media hype around the issue and the culture of blaming the victim, while also speaking to young men about their attitudes to rape. She believes we shouldn’t be saying ‘don’t get raped’, but ‘don’t rape’.
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