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    Default Secrets of the Dead - Series (2000-11)

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    Secrets of the Dead is a PBS television series that generally follows an investigator or team of investigators exploring what modern science can tell us about some of the great mysteries of history.
    Episode Guide

    1x01 - Catastrophe!
    1x02 - Catastrophe! Pt.2
    1x03 - The Lost Vikings
    1x04 - What Happened to the Hindenburg?
    1x05 - Cannibalism in the Canyon

    2x01 - Witches' Curse
    2x02 - Murder at Stonehenge
    2x03 - Death at Jamestown
    2x04 - Day of the Zulu
    2x05 - Tomb of Christ
    2x06 - The Syphilis Enigma

    3x01 - Search for the First Human
    3x02 - Mystery of the Black Death
    3x04 - The Great Fire of Rome
    3x05 - Tragedy at the Pole
    3x06 - Bombing Nazi Dams

    5x05 - Umbrella Assassin

    7x02 - Escape from Auschwitz

    9x03 - Mumbai Massacre

    10x02 - Slave Ship Mutiny
    10x03 - Lost Ships of Rome

    11x03 - The World's Biggest Bomb

    Many other episodes available for streaming at PBS.




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