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    Default Raging Nature - Series (2008)

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    Raging Nature takes you right into the heart of some of Mother Nature’s most awe-inspiring events. From swarms to sandstorms, giant hailstones to freak electricity storms, all the action involved in these incredible natural disasters is caught on film.

    Experts deconstruct and analyse them to provide a unique insight into what, how and why they happen. Each stage of the incident is pieced back together through interviews with the people who were directly involved and brought to life with advanced reconstruction technology to give further insight into these incredible events.
    Tornadoes analyzes the most destructive tornadoes ever caught on tape. From the 1999 Oklahoma City Tornado to a 2005 twister that decimated the town of Woodward, Iowa. Hear eyewitness accounts from those who survived the storms and watch the footage they risked their lives to capture. Plus, using forensic animation, Raging Nature: Tornadoes examines each clip, revealing details even the survivors did not see.

    Landslides are one of nature's most terrifying disasters, responsible for thousands of deaths around the world each year. Some of the most unforgettable landslides ever caught on tape are analyzed by scientists and their stories told by those who managed to survive them. Computer graphics show you what the video does not, filling in the holes of how and why these destructive forces of nature occured.

    Swarms and Stampedes
    They are some of the most dramatic and destructive forces of mother nature. Masses of animals and insects that can be vicious, violent, and even deadly. Around the globe, millions and often billions of creatures are locked into a timeless battle where only the strongest will survive. Join us as we fly directly into the swarm and travel as a member of the herd to dissect some of the most incredible video ever shot. Then, through the aid of computer graphics and animation, we will see for the first time, the true savagery of Raging Nature: Swarms and Stampedes.




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