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    Default The Men Who Killed Kennedy - Series (1988-2003)

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    The Men Who Killed Kennedy, an authoritative nine-part series drawing on exclusive interviews with highly placed government sources and independent investigators, is the most comprehensive examination of the case ever filmed. This video documentary series produced by Nigel Turner originally aired in 1988 in England with two one-hour segments about the John F. Kennedy assassination. Arts & Entertainment Company purchased the rights to the original two segments. Three one-hour segments were added in 1991. A sixth segment was added in 1995. Finally, three additional hourly segments were added by the History Channel in November 2003 and marketed as The Final Chapter. The ninth segment, titled "The Guilty Men", directly implicated Lyndon B. Johnson. Within days, Johnson's widow, Lady Bird Johnson, more of his surviving associates, ex-President Jimmy Carter, and the lone, living Warren Commission commissioner and ex-President Gerald R. Ford immediately complained to the History Channel.
    IMDb/Episode Guide
    The Men Who Killed Kennedy (TV mini-series 1988) - IMDb

    Part 1: The Coup d'Etat - A medical technician casts doubts on the official autopsy photographs, and photo analysis undermines the lone gunman theory.
    The Men Who Killed Kennedy 1of9 - Stagevu: Your View

    Part 2: The Forces of Darkness - See two shadowy figures on the grassy knoll, and find out about the "lost" home movie that contained key evidence.
    The Men Who Killed Kennedy 2of9 - Stagevu: Your View

    Part 3: The Cover-Up - An FBI agent confirms that evidence has been suppressed, and a notorious criminal is confronted about his possible role.
    The Men Who Killed Kennedy 3of9 - Stagevu: Your View

    Part 4: The Patsy - Witness Oswald's reaction when charged with the shooting, and the mortician who buried the alleged assassin reveals what he discovered 18 years later.
    The Men Who Killed Kennedy 4of9 - Stagevu: Your View

    Part 5: The Witnesses - The people who were there - but who the government chose to ignore - tell their versions of what happened at Dealey Plaza.
    The Men Who Killed Kennedy 5of9 - Stagevu: Your View

    Part 6: The Truth Shall Set You Free - See conclusive proof that the official autopsy photos were faked, and hear from an Army Colonel who says he was trained to eliminate witnesses to the assassination.
    The Men Who Killed Kennedy 6of9 - Stagevu: Your View

    Part 7: The Smoking Gun - The Secret Service failings and possible autopsy fraud and cover-up.
    The Men Who Killed Kennedy 7of9 - Stagevu: Your View

    Part 8: The Love Affair - A Woman comes forward claiming to be Lee Harvey Oswald's mistress.
    The Men Who Killed Kennedy 8of9 - Stagevu: Your View

    Part 9: The Guilty Men - See the allegations that Lyndon B. Johnson had JFK killed.
    The Men Who Killed Kennedy 9of9 - Stagevu: Your View


    All 9 episodes complete on one Youtube Playlist.
    TMWKK - The Men Who Killed Kennedy - YouTube




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