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    Default The Human Mind - Series (2003)

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    The mind holds the secret of who we are – understanding the mind is the key to unlocking personal potential. Professor Robert Winston takes a pioneering journey into the fascinating galaxy inside our own heads, exploring the mind's vast and wonderful capabilities. Enlightening, uplifting and refreshingly innovative, this series examines the science behind the workings of the human mind and explores what can be done to make the most of its awesome capability – from altering the personality, winning friends and influencing people, improving learning and reaching those 'eureka' moments! The series provides a fascinating insight into the miracle of the human brain while dazzling graphics explore the deepest recesses of thoughts and impulses.
    Get Smart
    The first programme in the series uncovers what happens in our minds when we learn, remember and have original ideas. It explores what we can do to improve our ability to learn and manipulate knowledge, and shows how eating fish oils can boost our brain power. Professor Winston looks at how memory can be improved and how we can learn physical tasks more easily. He discovers what happens when we have those eureka moments of original thought - and how to have more of them.
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    Personality explores what it is that makes us who we are and uncovers the universal battle we face to master our emotions and control our behaviour. Professor Winston explores how our minds shape our personalities throughout our lives, and reveals how personality traits like extroversion and introversion develop. Find out how parents can affect the personalities of their children, why teenagers are so emotionally sensitive and what lies at the heart of characteristics like anger and mood–swings in adults. Discover what we can change about our personalities - and what we can’t. And see a man successfully transform his personality to be more as he’d like it to be.
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    Making Friends
    Why is a party one of the most demanding and complex situations the human mind ever has to deal with? This programme investigates the extraordinary way that our minds work to allow us to communicate with other people. Professor Winston discovers how we recognise people, read their faces and bodies to understand what they’re thinking, and then charm them. Find out how to tell whether a smile is genuine, what happens when people 'click' with one another, and how to spot when someone's lying.
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