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    Default Geologic Journey - Series (2008)

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    Take a sweeping tour of our national pride - the vast, wild beauty we call Canada. A groundbreaking five-part HDTV television documentary series - Geologic Journey - breathes relevance into ancient geology and traces the extraordinary history of our continent to show that the new world is in fact very, very old.
    The Great Lakes
    Discover the roots of a long vanished mountain range, explore the remains of an inland tropical sea and trace the story of a dramatic flood.
    Geologic Journey -1- The Great Lakes on Veehd

    The Rockies
    An ever-changing landmass, geologists are learning how the Rockies were formed and discovering what they will become.
    Geologic Journey -2- The Rockies on Veehd

    The Canadian Shield

    The largest - and one of the oldest - expanses of ancient rock on the planet has riches of gold and diamonds under it's crust.
    Geologic Journey -3- The Canadian Shield on Veehd

    The Appalachians
    These fabled mountains contain a geologic puzzle, a rich legacy, and the scarcely known threat of earthquakes.
    Geologic Journey -4- The Appalachians on Veehd

    The Atlantic Coast
    The dramatic story of volcanic outpourings, massive rifting of continents and the bursting forth of a new ocean - the Atlantic.
    Geologic Journey -5- The Atlantic Coast on Veehd




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