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    Default e2: Energy - Series (2007)

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    Global in scope and comprised of six 30-minute chapters filmed in HD, eČ energy features the engineers, policymakers and innovations that are transforming energy availability and consumption. Each episode covers viable policy and technology alternatives to the fossil fuel culture. Episodes explore: California as a world leader in emissions control; transportation and the need for greater efficiencies; ethanol in Brazil and its future in the United States; distributed solar energy as a means to poverty alleviation in Bangladesh; community wind in Minnesota and its role in regional economic development; and the role of coal and nuclear power in our future energy mix. Solutions-oriented, the series illustrates the trials and trade-offs that any evolution in our global energy system will demand. eČ energy is narrated by Morgan Freeman.
    Homepage/Episode Guide
    eČ | energy | PBS

    Harvesting the Wind
    E2 Energy -1- Harvesting the Wind on Veehd
    Energy for a Developing World
    E2 Energy -2- Energy for a Developing World on Veehd
    Paving the Way
    E2 Energy -3- Paving the Way on Veehd
    Growing Energy
    E2 Energy -4- Growing Energy on Veehd
    State of Resolve
    Veehd - Stream and Download Videos
    Coal & Nuclear: Problem or Solution?
    E2 Energy -6- Coal and Nuclear: Problem or Solution? on Veehd




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