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    Default Cold Case Files - Series (1999-??)

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    Cold Case Files is not just a show about solving crimes and getting the bad guy. It's about dedication from police and detectives. The never give up theory of the many who want justice for the dead and peace to those who have families who are left behind with so many unanswered questions.
    Many of the detectives go up and beyond what is expected of them to solve a case. Sadly many of the cases go cold. Especially some older case's where modern day technology wasn't available. But the never give up attitude bring many of these case back to life as we become more advanced in our ability to solve crimes through forensics. Because of the hard work from these people, even if it takes 20 years, families finally get answers to questions that lay in the back of their minds and haunt them. Cold Case Files is not a drama or fictional show. It shows stories of real people and real cases. Some have finality to them and some still lay cold.
    Episode Guide
    Cold Case Files Episodes -

    The Green River Killer
    Cold Case Files - The Green River Killer - YouTube

    One Night on the Bayou
    Cold Case Files - One Night On The Bayou - YouTube

    License to Kill
    cold case files 45 Licence to Kill - YouTube

    Frozen In Time
    Cold Case Files - Frozen In Time - YouTube

    Killer in the County
    Cold Case Files - Killer In The County - YouTube

    Weepy-Voiced Killer
    Cold Case Files - Weepy-Voiced Killer - YouTube

    The Portrait of a Killer/The Tortured Truth
    xcommunicatednewzs kanal - YouTube

    Soft Kill/Unsolved
    cold case files 44 "Soft" Kill/Unsolved - YouTube

    A Mother's Betrayal
    Cold Case files mothers betrayal - YouTube

    The Zodiac Killer
    Cold Case Files - The Zodiac Killer - YouTube

    Cold Case Files - Kidnapped - YouTube

    A Map To Murder
    Cold Case Files - A Map To Murder - YouTube

    Love Triangle
    Cold Case Files - Love Triangle - YouTube

    The Lady Killer
    Cold Case Files - The Lady Killer - YouTube

    A Killer Named Korn / The Nightwatchman
    Cold Case Files ~ A Killer Named Korn / The Nightwatchman - YouTube

    Soft Kill/Unsolved
    Cold Case Files ~ Soft Kill Unsolved - YouTube




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