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    Default Cold Blood - Series (2008-??)

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    "COLD BLOOD" profiles the suspenseful mystery stories of real homicide investigations through the first-person accounts of America’s elite law enforcement personnel. Multiple twists and competing theories cloud what really happened, but fascinating detective work and shocking forensics reveal the truth. Featuring all the stunning techniques and visual texture of a top drama, "COLD BLOOD" delivers high-quality stories of justice.
    Episode Guide

    1x01 - Double Jeopardy
    1x04 - Femme Fatale

    3x01 - Death of Dentist
    3x02 - Murder in Modesto
    3x05 - Hollywood Homicide
    3x06 - Gainesville Ripper

    4x01 - Island of Lies
    4x02 - Unnatural Causes
    4x03 - Road to Murder
    4x04 - In Plain Sight
    4x05 - Friend or Foe
    4x11 - Framed
    4x12 - On Her Own




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