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    Default Black Coffee (2008)

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    Exploring the dark, rich world of coffee. The Cola Conquest filmmaker Irene Angelico is back to investigate the java equivalent of beverage corruption with Black Coffee, a documentary that explores the dark side of dark roast, light roast and everything in between. Black Coffee examines the impact of the potent bean throughout history. Sparking social, economic and even sexual strife, coffee consumption became not only a status symbol of social class, but a patriotic duty in colonial America. As brilliant marketing campaigns branded coffee society’s most essential drink, mass production would pave the way for subjugation and oppressive barriers that desperately needed to be broken. From coffee’s production to its commercial distribution and the capitalization that follows, Black Coffee documents the culture and the counterculture forged by the world’s favorite drink.
    Pt.1 - The Irresistible Bean
    PBS- Black Coffee, Part1of3 - The Irresistible Bean - YouTube
    Pt.2 - Gold in Your Cup
    PBS- Black Coffee, Part2of3 - Gold in Your Cup - YouTube
    Pt.3 - The Perfect Cup
    PBS- Black Coffee, Part1of3 - The Irresistible Bean - YouTube




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