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    Default Battle 360 - Series (2008)

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    "For nearly a decade, USS Enterprise held a pivotal place on the turbulent seas of war, engaging in some of the fiercest, multi-front battles ever witnessed in modern combat. With the sophistication of a 360-coordination between the carrier, the destroyers, the aircraft dominating the skies above and the submarines blanketing the deep, Battle 360 puts viewers into the action like never before using the latest technology and cutting-edge computer graphic animation. This series will follow the Enterprise and its men from the start of the war through to the last battle. As the war went on, the ship changed, the men changed, and the battles were never the same."

    "Call to Duty"
    The attack on Pearl Harbor, the entry of the United States into World War II, the Marshall Islands Raid, and the Doolittle Raid.
    Battle 360 - Call To Duty - YouTube

    "Vengeance at Midway"
    The Battle of Midway.
    Battle 360 - Vengeance At Midway - YouTube

    "Jaws of the Enemy"
    The Solomon Islands campaign and the battle for Guadalcanal.
    Battle 360 - Jaws Of The Enemy - YouTube

    "Bloody Santa Cruz"
    The Solomon Islands campaign and the Battle of the Santa Cruz Islands.
    Battle 360 - Bloody Santa Cruz - YouTube

    "Enterprise versus Japan"
    Fighting in the Naval Battle of Guadalcanal as the only American aircraft carrier active in the Pacific theater of war.
    Battle 360 - Enterprise versus Japan - YouTube

    "The Grey Ghost"
    The refitting of the Enterprise, and the battle for the Gilbert Islands.
    Battle 360 - The Gray Ghost - YouTube

    "Hammer of Hell"
    Assaulting Truk Lagoon as part of Operation Hailstone, including the first night radar bombing attack from a U.S. carrier.
    Battle 360 - Hammer Of Hell - YouTube

    "D-Day in the Pacific"
    The Battle of the Philippine Sea, the largest aircraft carrier battle in history.
    Battle 360 - D Day In The Pacific - YouTube

    "Battle of Leyte Gulf"
    The Battle of Leyte Gulf, the largest naval battle of World War II.
    Battle 360 - Battle Of Leyte Gulf - YouTube

    "The Empire's Last Stand"
    The battles of Iwo Jima and Okinawa, night sorties, attacks by kamikazes, the end of World War II, and the legacy of the Enterprise.
    Battle 360 - The Empire's Last Stand - YouTube




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