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    Default The American Tax Cheat (2011)

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    Hundreds of billions of dollars escape IRS collections every year. So who is the American tax cheat secretly keeping their cash while the rest of us have to pony up? Why do so many people believe that cheating on your taxes is morally ok?

    CNBC’s Becky Quick investigates how this widespread tax evasion lands businessmen in prison, celebrities in hot water, and citizens in fear and desperation. You’ll meet a woman who lost nearly everything after falling for a bogus tax scheme, a former millionaire who’s now in prison and those who hate the IRS so much they’ve resorted to violence.

    We’ll go inside the IRS's Forensic lab in Chicago to see how Special Agents use CSI technology to uncover even the most hidden evidence of tax fraud. From celebrities to the working class, no one is immune from an IRS investigator. Whether you think cheating is right or wrong, with hundreds of billions at stake, the IRS has a job to do.
    The American Tax Cheat Part 1-3 - YouTube




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