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    Default American Greed - Series (2007–? )

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    Some people will do anything for money.
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    Suicide is Painless
    An enigmatic hedge fund manager desperate to succeed... and the scam that bilked investors out of $300 million! Sam Israel lived through the most decadent era in human history. His hunger for fame and fortune... his greed, ultimately leads to a bridge and a suicide note.
    Suicide is Pa!nless - YouTube

    Max Butler is "Iceman." He oversaw an underground Internet crime spree. Mysterious thugs steal information and access your financial life story. Billions are at stake.
    Cybercrime Max Butler - YouTube

    Raffaello Follieri
    Raffaello Follieri is young, handsome and at the top of his game. He makes millions with a successful real estate business. He hobnobs with world leaders. And, he’s found love with a Hollywood A-Lister, Anne Hathaway.
    Raffaello Follieri - YouTube

    Kentucky Fen-Phen Attorneys
    Fen-Phen, the miracle weight loss drug of the 90’s, turns out to have a serious side effect. When the story breaks, ambulance chasing lawyers rush in. They exploit the tragedy and pilfer their clients’ money. How much they steal will shock you!
    Kentucky Fen Phen Attorneys - YouTube

    The Black Widows
    A story of deception. They appear to be two “grannies” helping men who are down on their luck - offering food, shelter and clothing. But Helen Golay and her friend Olga Rutterschmidt are ruthless con artists. Their tragic web of deceit is about to unravel. This is the true tale of women who murder for money.
    The Black Widows - YouTube

    Hedge Fund Manager
    Samuel Israel was a big money hedge fund manager desperate to succeed. He lived through the most decadent era in human history, and his hunger for fame and fortune — his greed — ultimately led to a scam that bilked investors out of $300 million.
    American Greed - Hedge Fund Manager - YouTube

    "The Mad Max of Wall Street"
    Anthony Elgindy. He's young, self-assured... and loaded. He claims to be a crusader, fighting fraud on Wall Street. But, this so-called good guy is running an insider trading scam... and his partner is a crooked FBI agent.
    American Greed - The Mad Max of Wall Street - YouTube

    Crash and Burn
    Marcus Schrenker makes millions. He’s a Wall Street money manager and a stunt pilot. But clients say he’s a con man who had the country wondering for days whether he was dead or alive.
    American Greed - Crash and Burn - YouTube

    Funny Money
    One man’s bold scheme to get rich quick. Albert Talton puts a modern twist on one of the nation’s oldest crimes – making counterfeit money.
    American Greed - S04E07 - Funny Money - YouTube

    Mob Money
    Mob Money reveals the inner workings of the mob through the eyes of New Jersey’s DeCavalcante family. They were once seen as second-class mobsters living in the shadows of the bigger New York City families. But that changed in the late 1990’s when the feds busted all five New York families for racketeering. For the DeCavalcantes, the timing couldn’t have been better. Discover how the family matures, becomes success and eventually bows to its weakness and crumbles to its knees.
    Mob Money - YouTube

    Madoff Behind Bars
    He was the mastermind of the biggest Ponzi scheme in American History. He stole millions…maybe billions of dollars from unsuspecting clients. Lives were shattered and fortunes ruined. After confessing to his crimes, Bernie Madoff received the maximum sentence: 150 years in prison.
    American Greed : Bernie Madoff Behind Bars - YouTube

    Kirk Wright
    He’s a hedge fund superstar. Investment Manager Kirk Wright takes on tough clients…and steals their money. He recruits NFL football players and they invest. But, when he’s tackled for a multi-million dollar loss, will Wright’s game go into sudden death?
    AMERICAN GREED Kirk Wright - YouTube




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