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    Default American Gangster - Series (2007)

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    Narrated by acclaimed African-American actor Ving Rhames (Out Of Sight, Pulp Fiction), this series will examine the personalities of some of Black America's most notorious criminals as well as their impact on the communities in which they gained their infamy. Through photographs, interviews andů More archival footage, the series will explore the rises and falls of some of the most dangerous criminals in recent history.
    Episode Guide/Synopsis
    American Gangster Episodes -

    Stanley "Tookie" Williams
    American Gangster 101 Stan Tookie Williams on Veehd

    "Freeway" Ricky Ross
    American Ganster 102 Freeway Ricky Ross on Veehd

    Leroy "Nicky" Barnes
    American Gangster 103 Leroy Nicky Barnes on Veehd

    Troy & Dino Smith
    American Gangster 104 Troy And Dino Smith on Veehd

    The Chambers Brothers
    American Gangster 105 The Chambers Brothers on Veehd

    Lorenzo "Fat Cat" Nichols
    American Gangster 106 Lorenzo Fat Cat Nichols on Veehd

    More episodes coming soon.




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