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    Alcatraz Is Not an Island (2001)
    English | 57mn | MP4V | 640x480 | 1499kbps | 29fps | MP3 | 95kbps | 675 MB
    Genre: Documentary

    When he was interviewed by Edward R. Murrow, Adolf Hitler said, "I don't know why you Americans are making such a fuss about the Jews. We're only doing to the Jews what you did to the Indians." Alas, he had a point. "Alcatraz Is Not an Island" is a genuinely moving documentary that vividly chronicles one battle in the long struggle between white Americans and Native Americans that arose from a forced assimilation policy called "relocation and termination," imposed in the early 1950's, under which entire tribes would essentially be "disappeared" from their historic recognition as sovereign nations and their members — the ones that had survived after the genocidal anti-Indian wars of the 19th century — thrown into large cities and be forced to live an existence on their own without government help.





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