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    Default 2057 - Series (2007)

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    Sponsored by the world's leading scientists and research institutes, this show utilizes science facts with science fiction to speculate on what the future may hold. Areas like medical technology, transportation advancements, even cultural and political ideologies and their future characteristics will be explored and explained.
    The Body
    Flying ambulances? Intelligent clothing? Custom-built organs from scratch? Robotic surgery? Learn about today's medical breakthroughs that will extend our lives in 50 years.

    The City
    Cars without drivers? Humanoid robots in every household? Cyber-hacking? Intelligent camera surveillance systems? Learn about today's scientific advances that will shape our networked cities of tomorrow.

    The World
    An invisible soldier? A space elevator to the stars? Transmit the inventory of the Library of Congress via laser beam in seconds? What are the real fuel sources of the future? Learn about technological quantum leaps that will shape our planet in 50 years.




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