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    Default Spooky n Uncanny with Varunn Jain

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    We brings to you a new Saturday column on Supernatural and Uncanny

    We brings to you 'Spooky and Uncanny' column with your favorite telly stars which tries to find out their beliefs in supernatural powers and their brush with uncanny! This week we got in touch with Varunn Jain who is playing the character of Mohit in Star Plus' popular TV show Diya Aur Baati Hum.
    Let's find out what Varunn has to share with us.

    Do you believe in the supernatural?
    No, I don't.

    Craziest horror story ever heard?
    Once I was on a trip to a hill station with my friends. We were passing by a haunted area by car and were sleeping inside. Suddenly my friend who was driving the car woke all of us up and he said that he just saw a lady in white who turned her head 90 degrees. But no one was there. He was really very scared and worried where she vanished.

    Have you ever had a brush with uncanny?
    No, not yet!

    When have you been the most scared?
    Once I got stuck in an elevator. I was really scared.

    Favorite horror movie?
    Paranormal Activities.

    Horror dare?
    I haven't ever tried yet.



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