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    Default "I went to sleep on an empty stomach...mother," shares Deepika Singh

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    Today is Mother's Day (13 May 2012). Today is the day when we pay respect and love to our moms for being so good and caring to us. Mother, the very word fills our heart with diverse emotions.

    Actor Deepika Singh, currently seen in Star Plus’ Diya Aur Baati Hum, shares one hitherto unsaid truth with her mom via us. This beautiful girl has struggled a lot before rising the pinnacle of popularity and success.

    “I would like to share something that I have never said to my mom. I have hidden some facts in order to prevent her from getting hurt. Actually, when I was struggling in Mumbai, there were days when I did not eat and went to sleep after having just cold milk, that too without boiled. I used to tell my mother that yes, I have eaten properly. But some days I even went to sleep on an empty stomach as I needed to save money. I just wanted her to be happy,” says Deepika.

    What a strong girl!

    She further adds, “I want to further share with everyone that my mom is my biggest support as she allowed me to follow my dream of becoming an actress after completing MBA. She allowed me to take up theater after fighting with my father. I am highly obliged to have such a wonderful mother. I love her a lot.”

    We are sure Deepika’s mom will be so proud of her after reading this article. We wishes everyone a very Happy Mother’s Day!!!



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