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    Default Sandhya shares a few useful self defense tips

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    Recently, when I joined night school, I learnt some basics of self defense. This helped me to not only increase my self confidence but also gave me a sense of security. It is high time that we as women start looking after our own security and be prepared to fight any kind situation. So, here I am, sharing all that I have learnt with all of you.

    Be aware of your surroundings, especially when you are alone. Don't be preoccupied with anything else that demands too much attention while traveling. Being observant will help you in avoiding trouble.

    Maintain a strong body language. Even if you are scared in a particular situation, don't let it reflect in your gestures. Be strong and confident. Keep a pepper spray handy.

    This is one of the most important ones. Trust your instincts. In any case if you feel danger is approaching you, be alert and get out of the situation quickly. Also, if you sense that someone is following you, simply turn around and look at the person straight in the eyes. This will give them an idea of how strong you are and also help you sound an alert.

    If a stranger grabs you, try and hit them on their sensitive areas. For men the sensitive areas are knees, groin, eyes, and throat, while for women they are throat, eyes and knees.

    You should practice self defense skills to master them. Have a plan of action ready in your mind so that you will be prepared to defend yourself in different situations.



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