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    Default Will Sandhya reveal Meenakshi’s truth to Bhabhoo?

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    Sandhya is shocked to see the police at her doorstep with the audio tape. Bhabhoo gets angry and accuses her of again trying to malign the family name.

    Our source from Diya Aur Baati Hum tells us, “Sandhya doubts that it’s none other than Sudha who helped Meenakshi lodge a complaint against Bhabhoo. She requests the police to hand over the caller’s audio tape to her, so that she can verify it. But, she had no idea that the police would drop in at the Rathis doorstep with the tape. ”

    Sandhya did not want the family to know about Meenakshi’s goof-up until she was sure about the same. She says, “I never thought that the police would come to our house to handover the tape to me. I wanted to inform about Meenakshi’s evil deeds to the family only when I was sure that she is the one responsible for putting Bhabhoo behind bars. I don’t know what to do now. ”

    Bhabhoo, who is angry to see the police at her doorstep adds, “Sandhya bindhni has once again tarnished the family reputation by calling the police. I am upset with her. She has once again proved that she does not fit into our family”.

    What will Sandhya do now? Do you think she will reveal to Bhabhoo everything about Meenakshi? To know, watch Diya Aur Baati Hum, Mon-Fri, 9 PM only on STAR Plus.



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