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    Default Sandhya’s last effort to prove herself as an ideal bahu!

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    Sandhya is going through the toughest test of her life. She had tried every possible way to prove herself as an ideal bahu, but failed. Does this mean her days in the Rathi household are over?

    Our sources from Diya Aur Baati Hum tell us, “After the kalash puja ceremony where Sandhya accidentally drops the kalash, Maasa abandons her and refuses to accept Sandhya as her daughter-in-law. Sandhya loses all hopes of winning the family's trust and breaks down. Sooraj encourages Sandhya to keep trying till she succeeds. Bhabhoo, on the other hand consoles Sooraj and tells him that Sandhya will have to leave them forever very soon. She asks Sooraj to maintain distance from her or else it will be difficult for him to forget Sandhya”.

    In tonight’s episode we will see a different side of Maasa when the groom’s family refuses to take her daughter with them after the marriage. The new bride is not welcomed in the family just because she has a black mark on her arms and it’s a myth amongst them that such girls can’t give birth to a baby boy. Maasa tries to convince the groom’s family but they are adamant on their decision of not taking the bride with them. Sandhya could not stand the injustice and steps in to save the bride. She educates both the families about the importance of a girl child. After much convincing, the groom’s family finally agrees with Sandhya and accepts the bride.

    A confused and determined Sandhya says, “It’s sad that some people still discriminate between boys and girls in today’s age. India has progressed but people in our country still cling on to age-old myths. All we need to do is educate them so that India will become progressive in the true sense.”

    A guilt-ridden Maasa says, “I am really thankful to Sandhya for what she has done. I regret mistreating her now. ”

    India is growing dynamically in every field. Innovative technologies, boom in economy and improved infrastructure have become nation’s pride. But bias against a girl child is still prevailing in the country. Do you think Sandhya has done her bit about bringing a change in the society?

    Wiil Bhabhoo now accept Sandhya as her daughter-in-law? Do you think Sandhya will finally manage to find a place in Maasa's heart? Or Sandhya’s efforts will go waste? To find out, watch Diya Aur Baati Hum, Mon-Fri, 9 pm.



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