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    Default 'Reel' brother-sister relation which turned 'Real' - Sehrish and Anas!

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    Telly actors Sehrish Ali and Anas Rashid from Star Plus’ popular show Diya Aur Baati Hum… share the same best brother sister relation off-screen as well!

    We have seen many on-screen brother sister Jodi on television but some of these reel jodi's relation has developed to a real one too.One such relation is between Sehrish Ali and Anas Rashid which has turned out to be 'Real' from the 'Reel.'

    We have seen the on-screen bonding of the brother sister jodi -Sehrish Ali who portrays a character of Chhavi and Anas Rashid who portrays the character of a caring brother Sooraj. This on-screen bonding has made Anas as a best brother to Sehrish and a best sister Sehrish to Anas. They both treat each other like real brother sister and Sehrish calls Anas her bhaiand she also ties Rakhi to Anas on the occasion of Rakshabandhan.

    Let's hear more about this relationship from Sehrish.

    Sehrish says, "I had tied Rakhi last year and I will be tying Rakhi to mybhaithis year too. My bhaicares a lot forme and he pampers me as well. Even I treat him and love him like my own brother. Whatever things I ask toget him, he gets those things for me. He tries to cheer me up whenever I feel sad. I love mybhaia lot.Bhaigets yummy food cooked by him for me.He bringsRajma Chawalwith pickles, lemon and curd for me which I find tasty and delicious. My Mom is not here so whenever I want to have some homemade food, I just call him up and ask Anas to get food for me."

    She further added, "I just tease mybhaia lot (laughs). Recently,bhaidistributed boxes of sweets to every one on the sets on Eid. I picked up 2 extra boxes of sweets from his bag and he started laughing and said, 'Yahan bhi shaitaani kar di tune!' Being the elder brother, he keeps fulfilling my demands and I just keep teasing him and playing pranks on him (laughs)."

    "I am excited for this Rakshabandhan and will definitely be asking for a giftfrom him because behnein toh loot-ti hain na bhaiyon ko," Sehrish concludes laughingly.

    We hope this brother sister Jodi has an awesome Rakshabandhan festival and continue with this relationship forever!



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