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    Default 'Rati Pandey and I are just good friends' - Anas Rashid

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    We in talks with Anas Rashid a.k.a Sooraj of Star Plus show 'Diya aur Baati Hum'..

    You come from a conservative family. Were they supportive when you informed them of your plans of acting?

    My sole supporter in the family was my father. My mother ,like any other mother was concerned about my welfare and my survival in a new place. I live in a joint family and rest of the family was miffed as well. My father respected my decision and had full faith in me.

    How was your journey from Maler Kotla to Mumbai?

    It was shocking and hectic. Mumbai was an alien place for me. I lived on Mumbai Central platform. I thinking going to Canada or Australia would have been easier for me (Laughs!) I got my portfolio pictures done and started distributing them. I got horrible response People said I did not know how to wear clothes , I could not speak and all sorts of criticism. But, then all thanks to Ekta Kapoor Things changed for me!

    Your charcter of 'Suraj' in Diya and Baati Hum is extremely popular. Do you relate to the character?

    My mother watches the serial and many a times she calls me and says - ' I thought I was watching my son on screen'. I do believe mothers are right ( Laughs!). I certainly relate to the character and have tried to give it my image.

    You are one of the fittest actors in Television Industry. What's your fitness regime?

    When I was in my 20's, going to gym was my passion. But, now fitness is more about happiness, satisfaction and peace. I keep myself fit these days by being honest towards my work !

    Are you a good cook?

    Absolutely ! I'm a good non vegetarian cook. I can cook Mughlai!

    Is there any other role on TV that would want to do?

    Honestly, there is nothing on TV that interests me. My journey from playing Prithviraj Chauhan to playing Suraj is such that I feel I have covered the range of emotions an actor can emote.

    You have put career over love. Why is that?

    I got more love in my life when I had an established career (Laugh!). Look at Mr.Amitabh Bachchan everyone loves him be it a 16 old teenager or 65 years old grandmother. I feel career is step 1 in life and love is step 2.

    One Bollywood actress you would love to work with ?

    Kareena Kapoor ! She is a strong actor and can over shadow the actors she works with. I would want to try and match that!

    There are a lot of rumors about Rati Pandey and you dating. Is there any truth in it?

    This never stops (Smiles!). We have been friends for the last six years and she enjoys a strong fan following. It is just disappointing when people link you with your friends!

    You live in Mumbai and you parents live in Punjab. How often do you meet them?

    They had come down to Mumbai for Star Parivar Awards. I mentioned earlier that in Punjab we have a joint family and you know how it goes- Every day is some one's birthday or anniversary. They are always busy but we do try and meet every three to four months.



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