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    Default "We must become more proactive towards the betterment of the women" - Maninee De Mishra

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    With her resilient performance as an Officer Agrima Singh in Diya Aur Baati Hum, Maninee De Mishra speaks about the awareness and the importance of education to prevent crimes against women.

    As International Women's Day is round the corner, the versatile actress Maninee De Mishra who is seen as Officer Agrima Singh in Star Plus' Diya Aur Baati Hum, talks about what are the ways that should be implemented to prevent crimes happening against women nowadays. Maninee who portrays the role of an officer was very much shocked to know the capable police officers failed miserably to report a rape case and shooed away from their work.

    Looking at the plight of women day by day and reading about the crimes happening against women these days, Maninee says that education is very essential to eradicate such crimes and awareness needs to be created amongst people regarding respecting women's dignity, "At the elementary level, what we need to really do is to create awareness and respect towards women. Every day we get to read about rapes, murders and other brutal crimes against women. The mindset of the people needs to be changed. I don't understand what's happening around us and in which world we have come to live in? Where is the essential respect for the opposite sex gone? It's a must to educate children that it's an equally important sex which equally co-exists in this world to live with. The court should be faster in giving harsh punishment to these criminals. Fear should be created in the society by making the punishment harsh against the criminals so that they would be scared to do something like this."

    As the launch of the show Satyamev Jayate 2 has already started making an impact on the viewers however, Maninee was disappointed to know that Police officers refused to report the case of a rape, "While watching Satyamev Jayate 2, I got to know that police don't even register FIR and a rape victim is made to feel as if she is the one who has brought all these things upon herself which is complete nonsense. Society needs to works as a cohesive force and not condemn somebody who has gone through so much of torture itself. We need to understand that it can happen to anybody. The structure of the punishment needs to be made very tough. Let the fear stop people from doing such things to anyone," avers the actress.

    She also wishes that the laws of our country should be made stricter and harsh punishment should be announced for the criminals, "In some of the Middle Eastern countries, the punishment for misbehaving with a woman of rape is very severe. So, this kind of fear has to be created and women should learn not to take crap from anyone. Women need to stop being so scared of fighting back to anyone who is abusing them. It's time to fight back. We are the ones who give birth to the entire nation and this much of respect we don't deserve? People pray to goddesses but don't have any respect for women."

    Maninee believes in creating awareness amongst the children and says that women should not tolerate such crimes or weird acts, "We need to make our children aware about these heinous crimes and educate them from the right age. These are men who have a low mentality and have that chauvinist's attitude who try to indulge in such kind of activities. Power doesn't mean that you will use it abuse someone and you are not using your power; you are using it violate someone. Punishment should be given faster and it should be the scariest so that the fear can be created. Women should ready to fight back and not take nonsense from anybody."

    Instead of celebrating prestigious days, this bold actress feels that people should work for the betterment of the women and their progress, "I don't believe in celebrating one day as Women's day, Mother's day, Father's day and Valentine's Day. I believe that this is a thought which should exist within our system. Will there be no rape or misbehavior with a woman on 8th of March? It's time to understand what does the word respect' means! Instead of sitting and thinking what should be done, we must get up and become proactive. We should should work with the people who are working for the upliftment and for the legal system. We should be more alert. If the fear won't exist then obviously a person will keep on doing wrong. For example, a kid gets scared of doing wrong with a fear of getting slapped by his parents."

    Lastly Maninee signs off stating that she really appreciates the efforts taken by the NGOs who support women and aid them during their crucial time, "I support the NGOs who are working towards this direction and it's time for the men to realize that they can no more take women for granted. If anybody should be called as the weaker then they should be the person who rape women."

    We truly respect Maninee's sentiments! Here we wish all the lovely women a very Happy Women's Day!



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